What is a SCWD

What is SCWD?
SCWD is a water switching or current generating device. SCWD switches or alternates water in two or more directions, depending on set up. It is an excellent water current generator for both salt water and fresh water environments, whether tank or pond. SCWD also has garden applications. It may be installed in statuary to create alternating or switching water flow from one spout or outlet to another or create decorative displays in garden ponds. The patented device, which requires no electricity, directs water between two outlet ports at varying intervals. The higher the volume of water flowing through the SCWD, the faster the switching response. 

Top aquariums throughout the U.S., such as Atlantis Marine World, Birch Aquarium at Scripps, Monterey Bay Aquarium already have used SCWD.

Why do you need a SCWD?
There is a growing need for affordable wave makers to improve aquarium and pond ecosystems and protect expensive coral, fish and other water life and exotic investments. Most wave makers currently require electricity and are expensive. Until now attempts at inexpensive mechanical options have not been optimally designed or manufactured. Small, compact, inexpensive, and manufactured in the USA, SCWD does not use electricity, generate heat, or clutter your aquarium, pond, or garden environments. Get the clutter out of your aquarium install SCWD on the outside of your tank. 

SCWD is regarded by industry experts as the most energy efficient wave-making product on the market. It replicates nature by generating alternating currents within a tank or pond. These currents stimulate coral, fish, and plant growth and keep other aquatic life healthy because of the tank or pond’s increased water currents and oxygenation.